I Didn’t Name My Baby

On July 1, 2017 I delivered a baby boy that I decided not to name. I know you’re probably wondering why I didn’t give my son a name...

Don't Forget That He Will Be A Dad

Going through this infertility journey, I discovered that my husband was a lot like Simba. For a time, he was hiding the fact that he really

You WILL Be A Mom

You are now boarding a plane. As you take your seat, traveling to a destination called motherhood...

How Many Miles To Motherhood?

You may see other “runners” or women in the same race have their babies before you, but you cannot get distracted by that.

The Glass Is Half Full

It’s amazing how two people can stare at the same glass that has water in it.

I am an Elephant

I never thought I’d one day be compared to an elephant; I bet you didn’t think you would either.