• Shara Hutchinson

Against all odds. The little embryo that could.

Jessica and her husband tried for years to have a child. After seven miscarriages, she found out that she had a genetic disorder which may result in her babies having Trisomy 22,

which is incompatible with life and causes first trimester loss if present. They were told that the only way to ensure their pregnancy lasts was to do IVF with PGS testing, so they could only transfer genetically normal embryos. Jessica and her husband were very hopeful, because they knew they did not have an issue getting pregnant. The issue was with

staying pregnant. They proceeded with IVF and sent the seven embryos that made it to day five for testing. Of those seven, only one was considered “normal,” meaning neither

Trisomy 22 nor any other genetic issue was detected. They transferred that embryo, survived the two-week wait, and then did a pregnancy test. The result was negative.

Jessica and her husband were devastated because their only normal embryo did not implant, and they did not have any more money to try IVF again. Two months later, Jessica found out she was pregnant naturally. She was afraid to get excited because of her history with genetic issues. Each week she waited to miscarry, until finally one day, she was in the second trimester, further in pregnancy than she had ever made it in the past. Jessica carried this baby full-term and had a healthy baby boy, naturally, despite the odds.

**Taken from page 94 of I Still Want To Be A Mom

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