• Shara Hutchinson

You WILL Be A Mom

You are now boarding a plane. As you take your seat, traveling to a destination called motherhood, I pray that through the pages of this book I can act as a friendly passenger sitting beside you, talking to you and providing you comfort to let you know that you will arrive to your destination at the appropriate time. At times, I may use these pages to teach you to “put on your oxygen mask” and learn to relax and breathe when the air seems a little thin; because after all, I had to put mine on first to be able to assist you. There will be times that the trip may get a little rocky, causing unexpected turbulence, but each word will provide some sort of reassurance that if it worked out for me, it can work out for you too! You will be a mom. It is not a matter of “if,” but rather when and how. Yes, let that thought sink in. You WILL be a mom. I am a firm believer that you will say what you believe; Therefore, you will have what you believe. Do you believe it? Do you believe you will be a mom? If so, take a moment and boldly proclaim, “I will be a mom.” If not, say it anyway because if you really want to, you will. I know you’re probably wondering how I can be so confident of this without

knowing your reason for infertility, or the specific details of your situation, but the truth is I don’t need to have all of this information. You do. Take a moment to reflect on your journey thus far. Think about all of your tears cried, negative pregnancy tests taken, heartaches, and all the disappointments you’ve experienced while trying to have a child. With all this on the forefront of your mind, write the following sentence: “I STILL WANT TO BE A MOM”.

**Taken from page 18 of I Still Want To Be A Mom

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